The private psychological practice, HERA, was established with the objective to improve the mental health of children, youth and adults, and to improve overall physical and mental functioning of an individual.

Our main goals are realized through the services of counseling, psychological treatment, psychodiagnosis and by organizing professional trainings.

HERA provides professional psychological assistance to children, youth and adults in collaboration with various experts in the field of mental health and in various difficulties with physical and mental adjustments.  In addition we offer services for the following:

- Disruption of attention and motor activity in ADHD
- Depression
- Anxiety Disorders
- Conduct disorders
- Emotional disturbances
- Early intervention in children's neurological development
- Opposition defiance disorder and early socialization
- Autism
- Physical disabilities and brain damage
- Psychological support for children and young people with chronic disease
- Eating disorders

Our vision

- Creating a space for personal growth and development through a unique approach to each individual
- Encourage positive potentials for people coping with everyday challenges
- Monitor the life processes, both small and large, as an incentive for self-actualization
- Assist in raising awareness of the needs and ways of achieving personal satisfaction
- Participate in overcoming resistance to the individual quality of life
- To believe in the capacity of self-regulation of each individual