Psychological counseling | Family counseling | Psychodiagnostics Initial Evaluation

In everyday life we face different challenges and problems. Challenges may be different and come from different areas of our lives.

In some situations we successfully confront our problems, though other conditions may hinder our adjustment and then we need new knowledge and skills on how to successfully overcome the problem.
Psychological counseling is a process in which a psychologist helps a person become aware of their strengths and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for coping with various life challenges.

Through psychological counseling clients will learn how to handle different life challenges and optimally adapt to lifes contant changes.  With successful coping mechanisms the person will gain experience and confidence allowing us to move forward.

The principles of psychological counseling in the private psychological practice of HERA are: respect for every individual, respect for human imperfection, the belief in human reason and capacity to learn, adaptation to individual client needs, and agreement for each process of psychological counseling.

Length / 45 min
Price / 350 HRK


In the family, everyone is connected. What happens to individual members, both good and bad, affects everything and everyone. Joyous events, luck, illness and death affect everyone, not just on a personal and emotional level, but above all on what happens between family members - all relationships. We call this family interaction and it is the quality of that interaction that determines how both children and adults prosper and how they develop individual potential and then combined forces (Jesper Juul, 2006)
Services include family counseling to encourage positive communication, strengthening relationships, acceptance, finding solutions to the challenges that families face, support in the process of divorce or temporary separation, and defining counseling goals depending on the needs of the families to achieve the optimal balance.

Length / 50 min
Price / 350 HRK


Hera offers: general developmental screening regarding the status of children in various stages of psychological development, personality assessment and evaluation of cognitive levels.

Psychodiagnostics can also be made for different purposes such as: psychological treatments, defining the goals of counseling, treatment planning, determining the degree of disability and other client needs. The psychological assessment obtains information about the current psychological status of a person in relation to current environmental factors, and aims to better understand the physical and mental state of the individual. A psychological evaluation is recommended in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the individual.

Length / 2 sata
Price / 500 HRK